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When I signed up for the AARP United Healthcare Advantage Plan, I was surprised when I received the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program information in the mail about membership at 24 Hour Fitness club here in Hollywood.  I was really excited about having access to a fitness program as another way to improve my health as I’m getting older.  I always worked and had a family to bring up as a single mother so there just wasn’t time or money to take advantage of a fitness program.   Now that I’m retired I’m taking full advantage of improving my health and a fitness program is just another holistic avenue to pursue.

Although Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is a popular Medicare program, research shows that many seniors are not using this benefit.  This program offers access to sauna, exercise equipment, cardio equipment, free weights, whirlpool, steam room, pool for laps or exercise, and exercise classes.  Some locations around the country may not offer all of these amenities, but Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness offers all of these and more because it is designated as a Super Sport Club.

You can find out if your Medicare plan offers Silver Sneakers by calling 1-888-423-4632.  Find out more about the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program by going to their website and by typing in your zip code you will be able to find a participating gym or fitness center in your community.


Personal Trainer, Tannaz

I started my fitness program on June 18th at Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness.  I signed up to work with a personal trainer to assist me with my fitness and health goals.  My personal trainer is Tannaz.  Together we worked out our plan to reduce my body fat by 35%, lose 10 pounds by the end of July, improve my posture, and to strengthen my core.  I meet with Tannaz two times a week.  One day we do what Tannaz calls “land” exercise and one day we do “water” exercise.  I end my workout each day with 20 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill.  Days that I’m not working with Tannaz, she has given me homework:  walk 30 minutes daily, 15 minutes of stairs, and do back exercises to improve my posture.

Working with Tannaz is a pleasure.  She explains the exercise, shows me exactly how to do it, and then she “cheers me on” as I’m doing it.  The day I visited Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness, I met Tannaz and we connected.  She answered all of my questions and we both decided that we could work together on my fitness goals.  Tannaz has a BS in Kinesiology and I wondered what that meant so when I got home after meeting her, I googled it and found that it is the scientific study of human movement.  It takes in physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms.  It can be applied to strength and conditioning training, sport psychology, and rehabilitation such as physical or occupational.  People with a degree in kinesiology can work in the fitness industry and clinical settings.

In her bio online, Tannaz says, “I decided that I wanted to mold my career around the fitness world [so] pursued a degree in Kinesiology. I will continue to take my knowledge and passion to help people fight for their health and live happier, healthier and longer. I believe in never giving up because you miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take.”

My son and daughter are really happy that I’m taking advantage of the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program at Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness.  It’s like I told them, “I’m going to be the Medicare Super Star!”  If you haven’t thought about your health in this way, check out the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program through Medicare.  It is all part of a holistic seniors’ lifestyle.


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