Silver Sneakers and Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness – Part 1

When I was raised in Alaska in the late 1950s and early 1960s, I never learned to swim since we didn’t have any public indoor swimming pools.    It wasn’t until after my own children were born and the revenue from oil taxes funded building the first high school swimming pools in the 1970s.  Ironically, I lived in Lakewood, Washington in 1989 and in Lakewood, Ohio in 1992 and I took swimming lessons in both places, but I still didn’t learn to swim.

Last week Monday, July 8th, Tannaz, my personal trainer at Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness, and I were working on water aerobics and she said, “Put your face in the water.”  I told her that I was always afraid of the water so it was hard for me to do, but that I would do it anyway because I was there to get fit.  I did it!  Then she said, “Now, put it in the water a little deeper,” so I did.  Again, she said, “Now, cover your head by putting your head in the water,” so I did that too.  Then she said, “Now hold onto the edge of the pool, put your face in the water and kick your feet.”  Well, we continued like this until she had me swimming in less than hour!  I couldn’t believe how easy she made it for me to learn to swim.  And in less than an hour!  As she was telling me what to do she was cheering me on too!   I was so excited that I actually learned to swim and I’m 68 years old!  This is quite an achievement for me.  I told my doctor all about it when I met with him that same week on Wednesday.

Today I was back with Tannaz in the water and I was swimming again.  I do have to practice a lot so I can go farther, but I know that I will get there and swim like a fish.  In fact, Tannaz is so cute and she has a pet name for me that she started using today, “Little Shark, let’s do it again!”  She made me laugh, but I really enjoy her calling me “Little Shark!”

Last week Tannaz captured a short video of me learning to swim.  Here it is!  Do I look like a Little Shark?  When I look at the video I have to chuckle because I’m so tickled that I finally learned to swim!

Medicare Silver Sneakers Fitness  Program through 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood is a great blessing for seniors.  It’s a wonderful way of getting fit and staying fit as we grow older!

ss_logoBesides the health benefits of my workouts with Tannaz, it’s also a lot of fun.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and joy.  Are you considering exercising as part of your Holistic Seniors lifestyle?  Be sure to call Medicare at 1-888-423-4632 to find out if you have a membership at 24 Hour Fitness where you live.  You can find out more about Silver Sneakers Fitness Program by visiting their website at  Tannaz is getting ready to begin a new seniors water aerobics group at Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness so if you’re interested you can call Tannaz at 323-461-2024.  See you at Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness!

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