Savoring Your Sixties: Create a Life You Love!

Bonnie-1I found Savoring Your Sixties while I was looking for other blogs and websites for seniors and by seniors.  The founder of Savoring Your Sixties is Bonnie and she founded this site because of her own struggles she had with turning 60.  Savoring Your Sixties is for women who are struggling too with the idea of turning 60 or for women who are already in their 60s.

Bonnie did a lot of searching to find tools and resources that she could incorporate into loving your 60s cover graphicher own life so that she could be happier in her 60s and beyond.  She would like to share these with you too.  “Loving Your Sixties” is a free guide that Bonnie created for women to help them start making the most of turning 60 and beyond.  The guide offers “6 Tips to Start Now!”  By signing up to receive Bonnie’s ezine, you will receive a free copy of the guide.  Just click on the guide’s title above and sign up for her ezine and get a copy of the free guide.

She has some interesting blog posts too that I’m sure you will enjoy reading and find helpful.  I’ve signed up to receive her ezine and I received my free ebook too!  I can tell you that it is packed with a lot of helpful tips that you can start now!  If you need inspiration that will motivate you, check out Savoring Your Sixties.  You will be happy that you did!

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