Mary Ho Rocker Granny Shares Her Passion

Mary Ho, The Rocker Granny, started learning to play the guitar at 60.  Now, over 80 years old she has broken the glass ceiling for age inequity based on what may be considered social norms.  Mary lives in Singapore and has seven grandchildren.  At first, she taught herself out of a book, but when she heard a CD of Santa’s track, Samba Pa Ti, she was inspired.  That’s when she looked for someone to teach her how to play the guitar so she could play it.

Mary wanted to play the guitar since her childhood, but she wasn’t encouraged.  Her mother told her that guitars were for boys.  She had a difficult time finding an instructor and was turned down by many of them.  She didn’t give up though and found an instructor who was willing to teach her so she could realize her childhood dream. Mary wants to inspire young and old with her passion for life.

Her grandson made a video of her playing the guitar and posted it on Facebook.  Comments by many people said that they didn’t believe it was his grandmother so her grandson made another video.  He posted this one on YouTube.  Mary has more than 1-million views for this video.  She became a YouTube sensation.   In 2008, Mary recorded her own album of Latin rock.  Mary Ho’s passion and love for the acoustic guitar definitely makes her  The Rocker Granny.

Mary loves playing the acoustic guitar, despite the pain she has in her hands.  Her passion keeps her very active as she is in demand for charity events.  One thing about Mary, she loves being active and she is featured in various campaigns encouraging seniors to stay active.

Mary is one senior who does not let her age or pain stop her from doing what she loves!  She is a model for all of us no matter what our age.

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