Belly Fat is Dangerous

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Day 9 Weight Loss: Belly Fat is Dangerous – Fat in your belly area is dangerous to your health. It is one way to identify if you have fatty liver or not. Serious health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, are tied to it. When you eat the wrong kinds of food, fat is stored in your liver and bolsters fatty liver.   Some of the wrong food you eat is high fructose corn syrup, white bread, white rice, and high carbohydrate food. Overweight or obese people with fat around their midsection have this condition. There are many people who don’t even know they have it.

The liver is the largest organ in the body, weighing about 3 pounds. The liver filters out toxins from the blood. It produces nutrients in the blood protein and cholesterol. It converts glucose to glycogen for energy. It also produces bile which digests fat.

Fatty liver is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). As the name suggests, it is not caused by alcohol. Researchers are not sure what the cause of fatty liver is, but it does show up in overweight and obese people. Making healthy behavioral changes, by eating healthy and exercising, fatty liver can reverse.

My doctor diagnosed me with fatty liver and prediabetes in 2012. I found two books on that I used. I reversed both the fatty liver and the prediabetes following the guidance in these books. Both of these books are available in the HolisticSeniors Shop. Just click on the titles below to go the Shop.  (I am an Associate and if you purchase anything on the HolisticSeniors Shop, I will receive up to a 10% referral fee.)

The first book I bought was “Fatty Liver You can Reverse It” by Sandra Cabot, MD.

The next book I purchased was “The Blood Sugar Solution” by Mark Hyman, MD. You can click on their names to visit their websites.

Also at the bottom of the post are links to two videos; one by Dr. Cabot and the other by Dr. Hyman. Be sure to watch both of these videos to learn more about fatty liver.

My Personal Weight Loss Progress

Healthy Eating

I increased the leafy greens on my healthy eating plan this week. Greens are not starchy so I can eat as many as I want with all my meals.. Eating greens benefits my health in many ways. They have vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which fight disease. They are full of water that helps hydrate my body. They are fibrous and essential to losing weight because eating greens helps control my appetite. I find that I feel full after a meal and I am not craving the kinds of foods I was eating before.

Since this is my Saturday progress report, this is the day of the week I report the number of pounds I lost. This week I lost 3 pounds.

Exercise Plan

My exercise plan is working out good. I am consistent in exercising and Friday I increased to 20 minutes a session. I have been working with hand weights and also doing leg exercises and stretches. There are some exercises that I modified since I don’t have full range of motion in my left ankle. Just because I have some disability does not mean that I can’t do any exercises, it just means I need to change them so I can do them.

Spiritual Guidance

I am learning from A Course in Weight Loss that it is not about my relationship with food, but about my relationship with my Creator. In reality I am healing my relationship with my Creator or God, and in turn healing the relationship with myself. When I heal, I will realize the miracle of weight loss, increased health, and longevity. It is in the thoughts of love that He has for and all that he has gone through with me that is a miracle. As a result of this He has for me, I can only respond back in love to Him.


Reversing Fatty Liver with Sandra Cabot, MD



Mark Hyman, MD on Fatty Liver




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