GMO Food Have Problems

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Day 6 Weight Loss: GMO Food Have Problems – Day 5 progress report, discussed problems with my blood pressure and heart rate so Saturday night was a tough night, not much sleep. Once my blood pressure and heart rate were in a healthy range, I fell asleep very early Sunday morning; I slept most of Sunday.  Today’s progress report includes a discussion highlighting problems with GMO food.

Healthy Eating

My daughter made dinner since I did not rest well through the night. She cooked plenty of vegetables, salad and protein. She has health problems due to food allergies so she’s unable to eat gluten. We read labels and only buy gluten free products and don’t eat engineered food either. Engineered foods are genetically modified organisms (GMO). Grocery stores launched GMO foods starting in 1996, and it seemed like chronic illnesses increased. Food allergies, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, and even reproductive problems appeared. Many people suffer three or more chronic illnesses; my daughter is one of them.  There are quite a few problems with GMO food, too many to list here, but you can read “10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs” listing concerns of GMO food production.

GMO Food Have Problems

Eating GMO food leaves some of the genetic material in our organs and blood stream that can cause health concerns. Genetic material in food can become unpredictable, leading to changes in the plant DNA. Many genes within genetically modified plants never were part of the natural food supply and may lead to health problems. Problems can occur too when injecting genes from one food plant source into another food plant. For example, Brazil nut genes injected into soy beans cause health problems for people who are allergic to nuts when they eat the soy. Without labeling people with allergies are at greater risk than the general population. Spraying crops engineered to be herbicide resistant thrive, but plants not engineered die. This led to  increasing herbicide use when weeds grew into super weeds.  The increased use of herbicide is killing bees needed for pollination and  the monarch butterflies, and is the reason we must wash all plant food before we it.  This is just one of the many environmental disasters that GMO crops cause. Problems with GMO food causes environmental and physical health changes.

None of these engineered food products are labeled and no one knows what kinds of genetic material anyone is eating. You can be sure that processed food has GMOs. The public has pressured companies such as Monsanto to label their products, but the FDA does not regulate GMOs. When the FDA and food industry failed to label GMO food, the public placed GMO labeling on ballots in some states. These referendums lost as a result of political campaign funding against GMO labeling. Google GMO and you will find information for and against GMOs. However, be aware, there is no funding to study the effects of eating GMO food. The “pro GMO” research is done by the companies practicing genetic engineering who reap billions of dollars in profit so read it with tongue-in-cheek.  Foods labeled “No GMO” and organic” are the only ones I buy, but I still wash all plant food because of cross-contamination from herbicides.  I included a six minute video at the bottom of this post.  It explains the myths and truths about GMOs.  The video was developed when GMO labeling was on the ballot here in California, it lost.

You can find a list of verified non-GMO products at the Non-GMO website.  For example, not only is my daughter allergic to gluten, but my son is allergic to lactose, which is defined as milk sugar.  He has been allergic to it since he was a new baby.  We use unsweetened coconut milk since both of my children can’t have sugar.  I buy So Delicious Dairy Free Unsweetened Coconut Milk which is verified at non-GMO on the list.  You can find products listed in categories so you are prepared when you go shopping.  Places we shop for certified organic and non-GMO foods are Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Market, and our local Farmers’ Market in Hollywood. I also shop at Ralph’s (owned by Kroger), Von’s (owned by Safeway), Gelsons, and other local grocery stores and shops.  In these stores there is a mix of processed food, GMO food, non-GMO food and organic food.  You just need to read the labels no matter where you shop.

Exercise Plan

I worked out with hand weights for 20 minutes in the evening. I am looking forward to walking outside this week too only if the temperature doesn’t go into the 90s. The weight I lost last week is the result of a combination of my body-mind-spirit connections.

Spiritual Guidance

I meditated before going to bed, but I didn’t study the book, A Course in Weight Loss.


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