Weight Loss This Week: 2 Pounds

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Day 5 Weight Loss: Weight Loss This Week: 2 Pounds – Saturday is the day I weigh myself to note my weekly progress. Losing two pounds this week is my weekly goal. Added to the three pounds I lost in the last week, means I lost a total of five pounds since I started. I attended a conference all day arriving home after 10:00 pm.  Health professionals agree that weight loss per week should be 1 to 2 pounds.  Read the post, What is a Healthy Amount of Weight to Lose Per Week?”  The post will explain why.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is the plan for the day. I drank a smoothie for breakfast. I ate a Buddha Bowl with chopped cabbage, ground turkey taco meat, onions, tomatoes, and green salsa for lunch. Dinner consisted of a spinach salad with nuts, golden raisins and vinaigrette dressing. After the end of the conference, I ate several petit-fours, hoping it will not interfere with my weight loss next week.

Exercise Plan

Since arriving home late, I did not exercise. I monitored my blood pressure and discovered that it was low, and so was my heart rate. I researched online to see what was causing it and determined that it was dehydration and required to drink more water every day. I started drinking water hoping to raise my blood pressure and heart rate. Raising my pressure and heart rate was a slow process, but before I went to bed they started rising. My research indicated I had too much potassium. My doctor in Kentucky said to take a potassium pill with the water pill I was taking. Taking my medication that night, I did not take the potassium.

I monitored my pressure and heart rate throughout the night. While researching on Google, I found a useful tool that calculates the results of blood pressure and heart rate.  This tool is helpful when monitoring blood pressure at home.

Spiritual Guidance

Since it was late, I did not read A Course in Weight Loss, but I meditated.

Sunday is the second day of the conference. Although I will comply by eating healthy throughout the day, my other weight loss activities won’t take place.

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