Low Carbohydrate Food Increases Health

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Day 3 Weight Loss: Low Carbohydrate Food Increases Health – Eating a lot of high carbohydrate foods is one reason I gained weight. I love my pasta and ate it at least 3 times a week.  Eating low carbohydrate food is the way to lose weight and benefit a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Learn more about low carbohydrate food benefits by searching Google.

Holistic living has some challenges, and this is one of them. I didn’t get a good start to my day. I missed breakfast and missing things just went on from there. We were having a lot of trouble with HolisticSeniors.com today and had to troubleshoot some problem areas, throwing my day off. The data base was corrupted so finally my IT person, who is my son, had to reload WordPress after backing up the site. That’s how a good part of the day limped along.

Healthy Eating

I missed cooking the midday meal so had to rush and put it together later in the evening. I made breaded, wild cod in the oven, oven fried potato wedges, and a salad. What was I thinking? Breaded cod and oven fried potato wedges? Cod has a very low glycemic index, but the breading doesn’t. The potato wedges are the highest, over 70 on the glycemic index. I was safe with the salad so it wasn’t a total bust. I must  put some thought into meal preparation every day so I can get it right and focusing on low carbohydrate food is important.

Low Carbohydrate Food

Because I blew it today, I spent some time searching Google for more information on losing weight. I found the following six facts that will help me create healthy meals:

  • Low carbohydrate eating lowers insulin levels and kidneys excrete excess salt, lowering blood pressure and improving health.
  • Exercise will reduce blood pressure and help you lose weight.
  • The focus is on reducing carbohydrates to help you lose weight.
  • The benefits of a low carbohydrate diet aren’t just about losing weight, it lowers blood sugar, blood pressure, triglycerides; it raises HDL (good) cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Low carbohydrate eating causes more weight loss then calorie restricted, low fat diets.

I found a glycemic index list and a low carbohydrate list. Just click on the texts and the link will take you to the PDF file that you can download for your use. From everything I researched today, it looks like low carbohydrate foods and using a glycemic index will be one way to eat as much as you want and still lose weight. I will post my progress, indicating what I’m doing right and where I need to improve.

Exercise Plan

I didn’t go for a walk today since so much of the day got away from me. However, I did some running and walking in place and will exercise Thursday with the YouTube video I wrote about yesterday. Combining exercise with low carbohydrate food should improve my progress.

Spiritual Guidance

Today’s lesson A Course in Weight Loss is on meeting and learning to love the not-thin me. It’s about embracing the not-thin me so that a miraculous transformation can take place. The non-thin me is only a manifestation of fear, which is the absence of love. As I learn to love this part of me, I can continue to remove the bricks in the wall around me. Marianne Williamson says that as the spirit of fear dissolves in my conscience mind, then love will heal me, body and soul. The activity in this lesson is to begin a dialogue with not-thin me, telling not-thin me exactly what I think, how hurt I am by her, how humiliated I have been by her, and anything I think she needs to hear. This is about honest communication because it’s time to integrate not-thin me with thin me. It’s time for peace talks so there won’t be any more self-talk such as, “you are so fat which makes you hideous.” I will be writing two letters; one to not-thin me and one from thin me to not-thin me.  This should be a revealing exercise that will shed light on the darkness within me.

Thursday is a new day so I will pick myself up and start again. Today wasn’t a total loss, but I did make some errors in judgment by not following through on my plan.

One last item, I found a video about a new treatment for obesity that was recently approved by the FCC.  The following video is for you to watch if you are interested in learning about this treatment.

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