2015 Spring into New Life!

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Day 10 Weight Loss:  2015 Spring into New Life – Spring brings to mind new life, new beginnings, spiritual growth, or any number of perspectives that you may have. It is the time of year to celebrate renewal in our own lives so in 2015 spring into new life!

One way to enjoy spring into new life is by getting outside into nature. Look around at the budding trees, flowers and plants sprouting into life after winter. Close your eyes and look up, feeling the sunshine on your face. Take a walk along the beach, a park or in your neighborhood.

2015 Spring into New Life is Spiritual

Spring is spiritual when you reconnect with your inner-self. Visualize your life when you sit outside in the grass. Meditate on important areas of renewal to you such as, health, relationships, generosity. Let go of what you no longer need in your life—some habit that no longer serves any good to you or an unhealthy relationship. Renewal of your soul is something only you can do:

  • Eat healthy
  • Lose weight,
  • Make lifestyle changes that promote harmony and inner peace.
  • Clean out the cobwebs in your thinking, your closet, or your home office.
  • Donate things you no longer use or need; there is always someone who can use your donations

Psychology Today has a short post that is worth reading, 7 “Rituals” for Spring Renewal.  Their post gives you some additional ideas of other things you can do.

Things You Can Do Right Now in 2015 Spring into New Life

Five things you can do right now to spring into new life:

  1. Exercise outside
  2. Eat a salad
  3. Plant a flower garden
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Visit a loved one, neighbor or friend who needs a visit from someone who cares

Think about the activities that uplift your spirit and the spirit of others and do them. Giving love to yourself and others is a joyful experience so 2015 spring into new life!

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