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Andrea Schmook

Andrea Schmook

My name is Andrea Schmook and I’m a senior, and HolisticSeniors is my blog. I retired from my executive director job, moving to Los Angeles  from Anchorage, Alaska in 2012. Although I have many friends and family in Alaska, I moved to Los Angeles to be closer to my two adult children to enjoy my time with them as I’m growing older gracefully.

Since 1979, I studied and practice a variety of self-help and holistic approaches to live a richer, fuller and healthier life.  In 1976, my life fell apart and so did I.  It took me eight years to pick up all the pieces, and like a puzzle, I put them back together. It’s been a pretty tumultuous journey at times and rather extraordinary.  Now, I have a great life and I’m very happy, content and at peace.  There isn’t anything I would change about my life because I’ve grown spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  No matter what happened, it all worked together for my good.  You can learn more about me from my mental health blog by clicking on the “Mind” tab on the menu at the top of this page, and you will be taken to my blog, AndreaSchmook.com.

Please take a few minutes to read my blog and leave a comment or two.  Thank you and enjoy!

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  1. David Schloss

    …from the desk of David Schloss

    Health in Our Time

    Well, to begin with, a definition of Health. The art/science and practice of health has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. All sorts of points-of-view now crowd the attention span of those inquiring into the vast subject of what constitutes health. Traditional scientific points-of-view generally look through a microscope and that world has gotten quite a boost from electrifying the scope. Sub-atomic particles are now making their introduction within the scientific community. All good stuff!
    As the world gets smaller, points-of-view become more discernable from one place to another. So, the scientists now venture into the world of the drug companies’ exploration.
    Herbs and tinctures from the deep, dark jungles now fall out of our eMail inbox. Shaman from ancient cultures are consulted as to the effectiveness of their hidden arts and the medicine of our modern times profits.
    Those who would argue the value or virtue of one system over another have an ever increasing array of material and conjecture to offer for promoting their point-of-view.
    Alternative medicine is now a somewhat long-standing buzz-word and the concept of a whole individual probably goes back (in the popular media) to a Gestalt psychological point-of-view – the big picture.
    Of course, this is mostly a Western mindset. Acupuncture brought a point (ouch) of the Far East into the energy field of the West just as the micro world began to take center stage. Yoga is another healthful import. As above, so below.
    For an individual trying to make personal sense of the condition of his/her body and the pain and suffering of their physical being (as it is usually the distressed person that seeks a cure and not just knowledge for its own sake), there is the key phenomena of taking personal responsibility for an understanding that makes the most sense, individually.
    Since most of these terms are now basically accepted and yet were not even in the vocabulary of our parents, say prior to WWII, it’s a fair starting place to try and put an operational handle on what constitutes Health in our time.
    Alternative Health raises the obvious consternation of being at odds to…say, traditional health. How about Homeopathic health vs. Allopathic health. Any way you shake it, the conversation could start a battle of belief systems. Any verses gets a counter.
    Let’s try to carve a fair game to use as a frame of understanding the current state of the art of defining health, which as a come-from-behind process now arrives at healing.
    What to call it – (w)holistic is a blend, maybe a compromise of trends. For the holistic practitioner is concerned with the whole person. Whether the governing agencies have or have not sanctioned the newer arts – acupuncture has made the grade and massage is still tainted by the bordello in some interpretations. It’s a matter for the tax-man.
    Here’s a beginning that begs the question of acceptance:
    We are a Body/Mind/Spirit. Now, leaving out the subject of Soul (in place of Spirit) and allowing for anybody’s religious experience over anybody else’s beliefs – let those who would argue have more to argue about, it’s still reasonably safe to say that we are, in fact, a Body/Mind/Spirit. If you want an argument, pick another subject. If you don’t understand, read on. If you have another point-of-view, think it through, write it down.

    What we are is just a stagnate definition of what is a dynamic life (force) – this wondrous experience that starts, ends, (continues, some would say, with or without off-spring). In fact, some have put forth the proposition that we are a Spiritual Being having a Physical experience. Safe to say that what we are takes form in how we do what we do. We relate to ourselves, each other and the world. This process, this dynamic, is how what we are moving through this life. We relate Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Energetically.
    Now, arguments aside. History is what was. This is a fresh definition in motion.
    This Body/Mind/Spirit relates Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Energetically with ourselves, each other and the World. How we do this depends on how we see the relationship – the picture (the paradigm) can be built from within each of us, easily.
    Hold out three fingers of one hand – pick one. Go with this. Plan the argument for later.
    Hold the fingers parallel to the Earth (oops – no, really not an argument, yet). Now take the other hand and hold out four fingers. You got it.
    Body/Mind/Spirit relating to Physically, Emotionally. Mentally and Energetically. Now, if you move the three into the four – ahh, but would life be that simple. Know anybody that simple. We are not simple. We are, in fact, complex. The more we do – the more we do together, the more complex becomes the paradigm. If we could meld together the symbolism of the fingers and see our lives as the cooking of dinner on a seven burner stove. Then the balance of us (Health) would be as simple as turning one burner up, another down (what’s your sign? – how are your bio-rhythms this month?
    Well, simplistic aside. Now pull the fingers apart…depending on your personal point-of -view, to a comfortable position of reckoning. Sit down awhile. Contemplate the Body/Mind/Spirit and the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Energetic Being becoming… say older and hopefully a little wiser as we mature and shrink. The Human male brain physically matures at age 40. The big head finally gets to have a say in the arena’s voice.
    Now understand this:
    The entire scheme you are wondering about as it floats in front of your face is actually an Electro-Magnetic Chemical Tank. Think not. Try standing on your head for a minute.
    When we were born we were about 90% water. As adults we are still 70-75% water. Furthermore, when we were born we were about 7.365 pH (potential Hydrogen) – that is, Alkaline. Now, we are acidic – almost all of us, unless you live by a glacial stream in the Himalayas. Life-style choices – MickyDs & a Coke. Stress, too, produces acid.
    Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving Cancer thrives in an acid and oxygen-deprived cellular environment. Some scientists are now relating most all dis-ease to an acidic and dehydrated inner environment (interstitial fluids clogged). The Japanese took the Russian invention that split water into acid and alkaline streams – an ionizer and made an industry that has been used in hospitals and restaurants for more than 36 yrs. The Japanese live longer than Americans. In the USA health is a shell game. The Insurance companies have received a lot of attention. The drug companies, well …they are in the business of keeping us all hooked on their drugs. If you want a cure, take the personal responsibility of doing your homework. Physician, heal thyself – with enough practice, proper nutrition and exercise you could approach a balance you feel as Health..
    Nobody gets out of this life alive. It’s all about style and grace.


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