24 Hour Fitness Hollywood, Medicare and Silver Sneakers has Teamed Up to Help Seniors Stay Healthy

Since I started working with Tannaz at 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood, I have noticed the physical and mental benefits that I’m receiving through exercising. I see some seniors working out at the gym, but I noticed that there aren’t any specific group activities for seniors. Seniors are a population of people who need to be active and moving their bodies for the health benefits they can gain. I talked with Tannaz and Jacob, the fitness manager of 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood, about senior fitness. Jacob and Tannaz were moved by what I told him and Tannaz so they wanted to focus a program for seniors. Gym 101 Flyer is just the beginning.

I am partnering with 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood to bring Gym 101 to seniors in the Los Angeles area. Jacob is committed to training more seniors for the health benefits and also the social benefits. Meeting in small group trainings seniors can meet each other and form friendships too. For more information check out 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood on the Web and Facebook Page.

If you are a senior or know a senior living in Los Angeles, 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood is offering Gym 101 Small Group Training Class. Each class will meet for 8 weeks twice weekly. The class curriculum is:

1. Intro to Functional Training
2. Intro to Strength Training
3. Intro to Machines
4. Review Sessions 1 – 3
5. Intro to TRX
6. Intro to Kettlebells
7. Intro to Nutrition
8. Workout Design & Review

There will be two instructors, Tyler, who will be the instructor on the Thuesday and Thursday class at 11:00 am starting on August 6th, and Sara will be the instructor for the class on Monday and Friday at 9:00 am starting on August 5th. Class size will be 8 people so you will need to sign up as soon as you can because the space is so limited.

Tyler has more than 17 years working in the fitness industry and part of the 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood team since 2006. He is a certified trainer in a variety of educational/certifications, among them being a Silver Sneakers certified trainer. Sara is a master trainer and a part of the 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood team since 2004. She holds a BA in Communication and Kinesiology from University of California Los Angeles. Both Tyler and Sara hold a bodybugg Calorie Management System Certification.

Since I started training with Tannaz on June 18 I noticed benefits already in just a month and a half. I struggled climbing the stairs and also going down the stairs. Stairs are no longer a problem. I have lost inches. I have a lot more flexibility. I have increased my balance. I feel lighter. I have more mental clarity. I have increased my strength and I’m doing things a lot more easily than before, like carrying groceries up the stairs. My blood pressure has come way down. Tannaz even taught me how to swim in less than hour! All I can think is how much better I’m going to feel as I continue my training.

Do you want to improve your fitness as you are getting older?  Do you want greater flexibility?  Do you want to lower your blood pressure or your lower your blood sugar? If you do consider enrolling into Gym 1001.  I will be taking the Tuesday and Thursday class starting on August 6th at 11:00 am. I’m looking forward to meeting you there!

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